Beer Pairings




Original Caramel
The fruitiness of the hard cider pairs well with the sweetness of the classic caramel flavor. It will be like taking a bite of a caramel apple. Russell recommends: Hard Ciders

Beer & Pretzel Caramel
The hardiness of the pretzel matches perfect with the assertive body of an Oktoberfest or Bock beer and the caramel malts that give these beers its classic flavors. Think of being at Oktoberfest with a beer and a pretzel. Russell recommends: Oktoberfest, Bock and Amber Lagers

Sea Salt Caramel
The Sea Salt balances the sweetness of the caramel and the light fruitiness that comes from a lighter style ale. Like relaxing on a Caribbean Beach with a beer. Russell recommends: Light fruity Ales and Summer Ales

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
The dark roasted grains of the stout beautifully complements the rich coco flavors of the chocolate. Like enjoying your favorite latte at a coffee shop. Russell recommends: Porters and Stouts


When enjoying caramel with beer, think of harmonization. A good pairing will have flavors that either complement or positively contrast each other. The flavor of the beer should not overshadow the caramel and vice versa, rather enhance each others unique flavors.
Russell J. Klisch
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.


As President of Lakefront Brewery, located in Milwaukee, WI, Russ Klisch provides the vision and directs the operations of this microbrewery that he founded in the Riverwest Neighborhood in 1987. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a first year production of 60 barrels-a-year to 23,577 bbls in 2011, to 46,444 in 2015.

Besides making many award winning beers, Klisch is know to be an innovator in the craft brewery movement by brewing the first organically certified brewery in the United States, brewing the first government approved gluten free beer in the United States (New Grist), and brewing the first totally indigenous beer made in the US (Wisconsinite) made with not only 100% Wisconsin grown malt and hops, but also with a local captured yeast strain.

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