Coffee Pairings



Original Caramel
Coffee: Medium or dark roast  |  Signature drink: Cappuccino
Far from basic, this pairing brings out the complex sweetness of the caramel, but it also draws out the richness of the espresso while being complimented by the texture of the foamed milk.

Beer & Pretzel Caramel
Coffee: Medium roast  |  Signature drink: Espresso
Dynamite with a freshly pulled shot of espresso, whose fruitiness and sweetness are both brought out when paired. The complexity of the caramel is clarified by a well-pulled shot.

Sea Salt Caramel
Coffee: Light or medium roast  |  Signature drink: Cold brew
The balanced acidity and sweetness of cold brew is a perfect pair with Becky’s Sea Salt Caramel. The salty sweetness of the caramel works in tandem with the cold brew to bring out the best in both.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
Coffee: Dark roast  |  Signature drink: Honey latte
Honey, coffee, dark chocolate, sea salt, and caramel – what’s not to love? The sweetness of the honey latte is balanced by the salt and mellow bitterness of the dark chocolate.


All good things come in pairs. Coffee and caramel are no exception to this. The natural sweetness of coffee is the perfect companion for caramel, and together, they are better.
Eric Resch
Stone Creek Coffee


screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-12-07-40-pmEric Resch is the co-owner and founder of Stone Creek Coffee, a Milwaukee based Farm to Cup coffee roaster. Eric founded Stone Creek Coffee in 1993 at the age of 24 using the corporate name Giri Corporation. The word Giri comes from the Samurai code of honor Bushido and it means “social obligation.” With this founding belief as a guide Stone Creek Coffee has grown from a small start-up to a nationally recognized leader in the coffee industry.

Eric is a graduate of UW- Madison, and has his Master’s from Kellogg, Northwestern University.  Eric is also a certified Q-Grader (sommelier of coffee), one of only three in Wisconsin.  In addition to his coffee work, Eric is a current board member and founding board chair of Radio Milwaukee.

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BeckyRebecca is best known for her award-winning artisan caramels and fast-paced entrepreneurial spirit. Since founding Becky’s Blissful Bakery, Rebecca has become a speaker, author, educator, and business leader, winning several entrepreneurial accolades and awards. Rebecca has not only grown her business, but has continued to help other entrepreneurs along the way by educating, consulting, and connecting. Her drive to innovate, dedication to her community, and genuine personality have all contributed to a number of successful partnerships with other leaders in the Good Food movement. Rebecca remains grateful and humbled by the growth of the business. She considers it a great honor to be a part of people’s joyful occasions and celebrations. Read Rebecca’s full story at