Tea Pairings


Original Caramel
The mint in the tea draws the sweet, butteriness of the caramel out while complimenting it with its creamy, full body and finish. Rishi recommends: Pu-erh Vanilla Mint

Beer & Pretzel Caramel
The nuttiness of the tea extracts the hoppy notes of the beer from the caramel.  Meanwhile, the sweet finish of the tea minimizes and compliments the saltiness of the pretzel. Rishi recommends: Oolong Tea

Sea Salt Caramel
The Creaminess of the caramels are complimented by the umami of the matcha.  Simultaneously, the contrast between the crisp, fresh notes of the matcha provide contrast to the sweet, butteriness of the caramel. Rishi recommends: Matcha Green Tea

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
Lavender and Bergamot compliment the caramel, bringing out the orange notes in the chocolate.  Soft lavender notes emerge at the end adding to the butteriness of the caramel. Rishi recommends: Earl Grey Lavender




Rishi Tea was founded in 1997 by Joshua Kaiser, who found a way to combine his passions for travel, world cultures, global culinary traditions, and herbology into a business. Following a series of post-college travels, he landed back in the US and was stumped by the lack of sources for quality teas. A growing interest among Americans in the origin driven nuances of coffee and wine led Joshua to believe that the time was ripe to introduce true teas to the American market. We are often asked about the meaning of Rishi. It is from Sanskrit and means “one who is a seer, sage, or seeker of truth.” For us it means constantly striving to learn more about tea and strengthening our connection to tea and botanicals and the people who grow them. We strive to reveal the natural truth to our modern society, which has become so far removed from gardens and kitchens, and overly dependent on labs for synthetic and processed beverages. As Rishis, we want to share some natural and simple alternatives for people to live healthy and delicious lives. Discover new teas and join us on a wondrous botanical journey to leave No Leaf Unturned.

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