“Hi, I’m just writing to let you know that my husband just came home w/a box of your caramels & has eaten almost the whole box! He’s eaten plenty of caramel in his life & has declared yours the best he’s ever had!!! Just thought you would like to know. He even stated we may have to take out aloan for a larger supply! LOL”
– Sonya

Holy moly! Hands down the best salted caramel I’ve ever tasted!
– Jontue

This is solely based on one piece of melt-in-your-mouth caramel I just ate at work not even 30 seconds ago. No more caramel that sticks to your teeth. IT IS AMAZING. As quickly as that lovely piece of sugary goodness touched my tongue, as quickly it disappeared. MUST FIND MORE! #addictive
– Bathilda

If you haven’t tried these wonderful caramels you are depriving yourself from a wonderful treat 🙂
– Kim

I dream about these caramels!
– Carol

Bucket List: try each flavor of these Blissful Caramels. Organic is always soooo much better!
– Dina

I brought my coworker a box of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt caramels as a thank you gift for some above and beyond work she had done. If it wasn’t enough to feel great about giving someone a box of pure bliss… she SHARED them with our department. Highlight of my day! THANK you for sharing this God given gift you have with the world. I don’t even LIKE caramels but yours are out of this world.
– Shannon

I recently discovered I am allergic to whey….a common ingredient in most processed caramels.  You can imagine how devastated I was learning about this allergy being a caramel fanatic!  I was in my local butcher and notice your pretty box of caramels.  So I thought, “Sure, let’s have a look at the ingredients…another whey product I’m sure.”  But all I kept reading was ‘organic’.  So I bought the box.  I ate one caramel and waited…..NO HIVES!  Thank you so much for making a quality product!  I will be looking for your pretty box again!  (bought at BeefMart in Valparaiso, IN.)
– Eileen

I walked by your booth at the farmers market in the Domes on Saturday. I immediately walked back to your booth and bought a box. I opened the box to savor one. Sure enough they are all gone now! These are the best caramels I have had in a very long time and will be buying more soon. Thank you!
– Katie